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Foundation Course en Total Design English

Foundation Course - 1 año

Develop your creativity by means of a journey through various design and communication disciplines during an academic year. This is aimed at people who want to commence studies in the areas of product design, interior design, graphic design and fashion.

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Foundation Course en Total Design English

The One Year Course in Total Design is conceived as a transversal course in which a journey is taken through the four main design disciplines: product design, interior design, graphic design and fashion.

It is carried out over one academic year, during which students learn the basic tools necessary for design from the multidisciplinary perspective of a total designer.

Design, projection and communication are three important features of this course, which covers all artistic, conceptual, technical and design aspects through workshops and classes, encompassing all areas and material for the professional practice of design and project culture.

The course can be studied in Spanish or English. Students choosing this option must have a medium-high level of English for admission to the course.

Professional opportunities: fashion designer, graphic designer, product designer and interior designer.


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Total Designers

Our graduates are trained with a multidisciplinary approach that is essential for professional development, and with the ability to stand out in an increasingly complex work environment. Upon completion of their studies, our graduates work in well-known Spanish and international studios or develop their careers as freelancers, creating their own studios.

Joel Blanco, Total Designer

Joel Blanco

Desarrolla proyectos por cuenta propia en el ámbito del interiorismo, el diseño de producto y la moda. Ha colaborado como la histórica firma gallega de procelana Sargadelos o la marca de moda Herida de Gato. Sus propuestas siempre combinan la ironía en el diseño con el trabajo artesanal de los materiales.

Mirian Miguel, Total Designer

Mirian Miguel

Following her studies in the IED, she has continued to explore the different areas of design, working on graphic design, editorial and product projects. The popular legacy of the local is a recurring theme in her projects, in which she recuperates instants from the past to bring them to the present

Angelica Eriksson, Total Designer

Angelica Eriksson

Diseñadora sueca, de madre brasileña que destaca por su manera particular de unir el diseño con conceptos poéticos y sensibles. Junto a Juliana de Luca codirige el estudio Escandinavo Tropical con clientes como Havaianas, Casa Decor y Room Mate Hotels.


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Ficha del curso

Foundation Course en Total Design English

  • Tipo de curso: Foundation Course
  • Idioma: English
  • Escuela: IED Design
  • Créditos IED: 60
  • Fecha Inicio: 24 Septiembre 2018
  • Duración: 1 año
  • Horario: Tarde y noche Monday - Friday | 18:00 a 22:00
  • Asistencia: Presencial
  • Titulación: Privado
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