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Interior Design One Year Course

Curso de un Año - 1 año

This course is aimed at those who want to enter the world of the design of interiors and other spaces of varying types and scales, by means of projects and workshops carried out in collaboration with designers and companies in the sector.

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Interior Design One Year Course

The Interior Design One Year Course (taught in English) pertains to the educational offer of the Design School. It is aimed at those who want to enter the world of the design of interiors and other spaces of varying types and scales, by means of projects and workshops carried out in collaboration with designers and companies in the sector.

During the academic year students acquire the basic foundation necessary to be able to plan and design spaces, understand the relation between user and environment, human and spatial scale, while computer and communication tools, expression and surveying techniques are taught, along with courses of a cultural nature.

Outstanding are the conceptual, expressive and formal projects and exercises, applicable in the design of commercial, leisure, public and private interior spaces, as well as exhibitions, stage design and spatial interventions.

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Ficha del curso

Interior Design One Year Course

  • Tipo de curso: Curso de un Año
  • Idioma: English
  • Escuela: IED Design
  • Créditos IED: 60
  • Fecha Inicio: Octubre 2017
  • Duración: 1 año
  • Asistencia: Presencial
  • Titulación: Privado
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Design and creativity

Theoretical and practical knowledge of the foundations and references related to design, colour, form, visual and structural languages, perception of space, scale and volume through courses in conception, analysis and creativity such as the Basics of Design, History of Art and Design and Colour.


Título Superior en Diseño de Interiores


Throughout the course projects and workshops will be carried out relating to space, the user and the experience, in which knowledge acquired in other subjects comes together. The projects are exercises for greater conceptual, technical and detail development, unlike the workshops, which are more intensive, creative and experimental.


Communication is the most important tool for transmitting an idea and explaining a project. It is for this reason that it is so important to teach the tools and certain techniques needed to represent and communicate the design of interiors: drawing, surveying and graphic design among others.



Images from the course


James Eccleston

james Eccleston

He is originally from England and specialised in brand creation and digital experiences. He started his career in design working for a record label in Manchester, England. After that, he spent 8 years working in London as a designer. There he worked on various projects such as the creation of visual identities for well know brands like Virgin and other projects for advertising agencies such as McCann Erikson. In 2010 he moved to Buenos Aires where he designed mobile apps for various startups. Now he works as a freelance designer and consultant in Madrid focusing on branding and UX.

Carmen Rivero

Carmen Rivero, docente del Curso One Year Total Design

She was born in Madrid but studied in London. Carmen Rivero began working in the fashion industry by creating her own brand. She has worked for private and commercial clients on projects including American hotel franchises (Express by Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson and Ramada Hotels), restaurants (Gastro de Sergi Arola), retail, spas and airlines; the image of the inside of Iberia, British Airways, Thai Airways, Air Mauritius and Kenya Airways planes.

David Díez

David Díez, Design IED Madrid

He is a director of DDZ, an artistic director and stage designer for a range of companies and production companies (Tanoak Films, USER T38, Centro de Nuevos Creadores, Rattling Stick, and Common Films). He has worked for clients such as Absolut, Sybilla, VICE, Condé Nast and Junta de Castilla y León among others. His work has been displayed at the Venice Biennial, the Fundación del Colegio de Arquitectos, Matadero Madrid and PhE, among others.

Alberto Marcos

Alberto Marcos

He qualified as an architect at ETSAM and is the founder and director of the AMPS Arquitectura y Diseño studio. He is a founder, partner, creative director and product designer at the ninetonine firm of children’s furniture. He was a member of the board of Di_mad (the Designers’ Association of Madrid), between 2006 and 2014.

Javier Gutierrez(SUTURNO)


After his time at Central St. Martins he graduated in Graphic Design at the Camberwell College of Art & Design in London. He spent many years as a creative director at a communication agency, before founding the textile accessories firm and design studio SuTurno, along with Julia Vergara. As well as launching several collections of shawls, bags and cushions, they have worked for clients such as Marc Jacobs, The Conran Shop, Hoss Intropia, Norse Projects… He currently combines his work at SuTurno in the fashion and home textiles design realm, with other graphic design projects such as record covers, corporate identity and poster design.

Carlos Guisasola

Carlos run his own successful company for seven years in Spain, completing more than three hundred projects. He is used to work on various projects at the same time and organizing the work for different teams. Over the past three years, he has managed the workshop at the design institution, Domaine de Boisbuchet in France. With a strong background in architectural model making and interior design, Carlos has solid skills of spatial perception, ability to represent a project with a simple drawing, sketch or something more technical such as a CAD or 3D rendering.


Olha Martsynovka, exalumna Curso One Year de Total Design

Ohla Martsynovska

Alumni Interior Design One Year Course

What brought you a step by Interior Design? I’ve done things in practice before this course, doing refurbishment and garden design projects, however, for some reason I’ve started business education, after that, I’ve decided to make a sharp turn towards that has been always my bigger interest space design garden or interior. That I believe brought me a step closer to my dream job.

Why are you passionate about interior design? Because I am very thirsty to the visual output of the environment gives to us. I believe space design is the blend of tangible and intangible things you bring into it. You can manipulate with the mood, emotions, associations, smells the surrounding gives to a person together with how it looks.

What are you working on now? Now doing an Internship in Ciszak Dalmas, working on private projects and finalizing my portfolio. Thinking of staying in Madrid and doing master IED Interior Design.

Hiromi sato


Alumni Interior Design One Year Course

What brought you a step by Interior Design? Managing skills for creating functional space for the clients and everyone and having sence of humor.

Why are you passionate about Interior Design? Coordinating 3D space has really important meanings for me and it’s very attractive rather than thinking 2D visual design and because we can put the idea in the space where we are daily using.

What are you working on now? Try to improve drawing skills, the color coordinate, collage and so on.


Area Subject
Principles of Design Principles of Design I. Analysis
Principles of Design II. Devising
Languages and Techniques of Representation and Communication Drawing. Analysis
Drawing. Communication
Colour & Trim
Modelling I
Modelling II
Digital Technology
History of Art and Design Art and Interior Design History
Interior Design Projects Interior Design Project I
Interior Design Project II
Interior Design Materials and Technologies Technical Drawing I
Space and Comfort
Fabric and Surfaces
Workshops Workshops

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